More Advertising Illustration

Vintage original advertising art on illustration board for Cunard. Drawn and painted directly on the boards. Unsigned, but the boards are stamped David Garrett Jr. To say one 'collects art' has historically meant the collecting of what is called 'fine' art, as opposed to commercial art. That is changing. Cunard's. From 'Advertising Illustration' at the web's largest private collection of antiques & collectibles: Original vintage Advertising Art Cunard Lines vacation

More original advertising comps (comprehensives) for Cunard (c. 1965). The artboards are stamped David Garrett Jr., who may or may not have been the artist. These are interesting to me not just for the beautiful handiwork but for the ideas at play, the creativity. I consider creativity to be nothing short of essential to human happiness and so seeing such clear manifestations of it as exhibited here is a pleasure on more than one level. Though I am not (much) of an illustrator myself, in my own graphics career it was often necessary to produce comps for clients, examples of which can be seen here and here.

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