Architectural Illustration

Of all the crazy things built in Los Angeles, this isn’t one of them. This proposed project is situated in the Cahuenga Pass, the main artery between Los Angeles / Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley. Today, this site is nothing but concrete— thirteen lanes of it— as 253,000 vehicles pass through it every day. There is simply no room for any of the niceties that might have existed should this project have been built.

Vintage architectural illustration of proposed development for the Hollywood-Cahuenga Strip, Walter N. Montgomery Architect, James C. Glasier Realtor, Hollywood, California. Cahuenga Pass. Of all the crazy things built in Los Angeles, this isn't one of them. From 'Architectural Illustration' at the web's largest private collection of antiques & collectibles:

Architect’s drawings and illustrations are interesting collectibles, mostly, I think, for the stylized way things are presented. Illustrations of things unbuilt can make you positively wistful. Illustrations of things actually built are interesting reference points, though it can be maddening comparing them to the present-day buildings (what happened to that!).

“Proposed development for the Hollywood-Cahuenga Strip, James C. Glasier Realtor, 6331 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood 28, California. Walter N. Montgomery, Architect.”

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