American Shirt-Pocket Transistor Radios--the complete photo guide to collectible models

True or False?: The transistor radio was invented in Japan. American transistor radios were all big clunkers while Japan conquered the market making the cute little radios people really wanted.

Both False. The transistor radio, and the transistor itself, was invented in the United States. America made big clunkers, yes, but also some of the cutest little radios anywhere. American radios were leaders in styling, in types of materials used, in decoration and surface treatments, and in efficient manufacturing techniques. In appearance, construction, sound, and performance, they were arguably the finest in the world. Then why did America lose the transistor radio war?

Hint: The answer is not labor costs. That was (and is) a convenient excuse but a closer look at history shows otherwise. Explore the real reasons in this book and see how such lessons might apply today.

Features large color photos of all the finest shirt-pocket transistor radios made in America. To buy a copy, visit

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