Great Little Radios from Standard--the complete photo guide to collectible models

Among radio collectors, Standard is perhaps best known for their tiny Micronic Ruby radios. But there’s much more to the Standard story than that.

Standard made many other interesting and beautiful radios too. Standard products all seemed a little heavier and a little better made than their competitors’. Standards had sophisticated design and styling. While many other makers approached the transistor radio as something of a toy, Standards were serious. Not to say they weren’t “fun”—they were—but they were fun and substantial and classy all at the same time. This is not an easy thing to achieve. These qualities in combination are as rare in products as they are in people, and just as highly valued.

Standard actually lives on to this day. The book contains details on that as well as showing all their great contributions to the golden age of the transistor radio. Their radios are excellent, even brilliant, examples of consumer product design—work that continues to delight and please growing numbers of collectors and students of design.

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