Great Little Radios from Continental--the complete photo guide to collectible models

“Continental” was the radio brand of Continental Merchandise Co. out of New York. Continental contracted with several different makers in Japan to produce their radios. For one of these makers, Sharp (Hayakawa Electric), they also acted for a time as US distributor.

The name “Continental” was a common brand name in the US in the mid-20th Century. There were at least three different radio makers calling themselves Continental but that didn’t seem to bother the folks at Continental Merchandise. More work for lawyers, I suppose. The most well-known of the other radio-making Continentals was Continental Radio & Television Corp., makers of the Admiral brand.

When I was a kid running around in jeans and sneakers, a “continental” was a well-dressed kid in dark slacks and pointy shoes. They often had quite impressive hair too as I recall.

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