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The Regency TR-1 Family--the complete guide to the Regency TR-1 and related transistor models

The transistor has been called the most significant invention of the 20th Century. The first widespread, mass-market use of that invention was the transistor radio.

The Regency TR-1 is that first transistor radio. And as such, it is also of historical importance for kicking off the “personal music” revolution which flourished in the rock-'n'-roll era and continues to the present.

The Regency radio appeared just seven years after the invention of the transistor. Produced in 1954 in Indianapolis, Indiana, by I.D.E.A.* a young, postwar company started in 1946—the same year as Sony.

This book celebrates that landmark product with all the facts and figures about production, original ads, boxes, brochures, manuals, accessories, date codes, variants, and rarities. Considered a must by collectors interested in this historic transistor radio, the book has many large color pictures of the Regency TR-1 and related models.

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* Industrial Development Engineering Associates.