Toy Crystal Radios Volume Two--photo guide to collectible models

From the introduction: “When I completed Toy Crystal Radios (Volume One) in 1997, I thought, well, that’s that. I’d scoured the world for years looking for toy crystal radios and I thought I’d found most of what there was to be found. I wanted Toy Crystal Radios to be a complete book, with no need ever for a volume two. Then a collection of twenty or so little radios dropped into my lap a couple of years later. I was amazed to see so many more radios I’d never seen before. I began to think, well maybe there ought to be a Volume Two at some point. Then I found the Space Capsule radio on page 13 and I knew it had to be! Getting together the rest of the radios you see here in this book was an arduous task. But what a lot of fun it has been. This is an amazing group of radios, I’m sure you'll agree.”

They’re divided into three groups: the shirt-pocket models, the rocket and space models, then everything else. Within each category, they are shown chronologically.

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