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Toshiba transistor radios--the complete photo guide to collectible models

Japan’s Tokyo Shibaura Electric, Toshiba, was already a huge maker of “everything electrical” at the dawn of the transistor era.

One of the first brands to attract transistor radio collectors, Toshiba radios were exceedingly well-built and very stylish, often in quirky and interesting ways. From their wonderful “lace” radios to the “Rice Bowl” to their “mini” models and their interesting “concentric ring” 8TP-90, Toshiba radios were high-style indeed!

This book hasn’t been updated to color like all of my other radios books (except Realtone). This one is a relic— it is just as it was when first published in 1995. It’s in glorious black and white but shares nothing else whatever in common with “Citizen Kane.” Primitive pictures show the models, with model numbers, notes, and lots of trivia.

Want this relic from the early days of my documenting the transistor radio collecting hobby? Well, I won’t stop you. Visit the folks at CollectorNet.net who will be happy to sell you a copy.