Business cards, letterhead, and billheads used over the years by Eric Wrobbel Design, photography, advertising, graphic and fine art.


In these pages you’ll find more than a portfolio. There’s history here, as well as comment on effective communication and advertising technique. And a few rants.

In my years in advertising, I was essentially a one-man agency—conceptualizing and copywriting, designing, photographing, and producing final art. Unlike specialists, who can easily lose sight of the big picture, I typically took projects from concept all the way through to completion. That kept me focused, always focused, on the prize.

It may seem absurd that such a generalist could thrive in an age of ever-increasing specialization. It certainly ran counter to the trend that worships the assembly line over the individual. But this approach was very much more satisfying for me. I contend that such satisfaction helped produce superior work and led to the successes my clients enjoyed as a result of the work you will see in these pages.

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