'Back in the day' graphic artists sketched designs on paper, worked out the details, and prepared 'comprehensives' for clients to see and evaluate. These logo designs by artist Eric Wrobbel for French bakery/restaurant Chez Thuries are shown still in rough sketch form. They are from the exploratory phase of design and so are all over the place, style-wise. 1980. More design, roughs, and comps: https://www.ericwrobbel.com/art/chezthuries.htm

Branding a new French bakery/restaurant

Here are hand-rendered preliminary logo designs for French bakery/restaurant Chez Thuries location in West Los Angeles/Beverly Hills, California. These early designs covered a lot of ground, from traditional to modern, and were intended to ellicit some sense of direction from the client as to style.

But there were a lot of cooks in the Chez Thuries kitchen, so to speak–several decision-makers spread between three cities on two continents. That I knew of! I was paid for the roughs all right, long ago, but I never learned my client’s thoughts on these designs and, sadly, it seems the restaurant never opened. I would like to have seen this project through to completion.

What: Sketches

For: Preliminary logo designs

Client: Chez Thuries, Patisserie, Boulangerie, Cafe

When: 1980

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