This is the best known 'LinnDrum' ad. It appeared at, and contributed to, the peak of the LinnDrum's popularity. In it, Linn acknowledged the growing competition--but in a way that likely gave them sleepless nights. Concept, copy, design, and art direction were all the work of a single individual:

The LinnDrum as Coca-Cola

In my advertising work I’ve often been associated with the underdog. Most of my efforts have involved going after leaders, looking for weaknesses, and appealing to niches. With Linn, we were the leader. From the beginning when Roger Linn invented the digital drum machine, Linn Electronics led the field. There from the very beginning, I helped create that position, and it was my job to maintain it against all comers. It was great fun to be the Cola-Cola for once in a world full of Shastas and store brands. With this particular ad, of which I am proud to have been chief writer as well as designer, we acknowledged the growing competition in a way calculated to give them sleepless nights.

What: Concept, copy, design, art, photo art direction, corporate logo

For: "Every Drum Machine Compares Itself To This One. None Equals It" full-page color magazine ad

Client: Linn Electronics

When: 1983

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